What is APK?

Austin Pedal Kayaks is your one stop shop for kayak, paddle board (SUP) and pedal kayak rentals on Lake Travis! Our property offers beautiful views of the water and has plenty of room to hang out and relax. Pack up the cooler, bring out the gang and let the good times roll. We look forward to seeing you!

Can I download and print my rental waiver?

There is no need to print out your waiver! Save time and skip the line by signing our online rental waiver!

Can I pay with a Credit Card?

 Yes! We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Google Pay and Apple Pay. We also take cash. 

Do I need a reservation?

No Sir! All watercrafts are rented on a first come first serve basis so a reservation is not needed. If you want to ensure a reservation for specific date, time or group size feel free to book online today!

What is the cancellation policy?

Notice of cancellation must be given at least 2 hours in advance of booking! Cancellations within 2 hours of rental time will be charged the full amount.

What happens if it's raining at the time of my reservation?

APK Rain Check Policy: If it is raining at the time of your booking, we will be more than happy to reschedule you for another time!

Where do I park?

 At APK our property offers plenty of parking! Just look for the APK surfboard and head on in!

Do you have lockers?

No lockers at this time. We do have open cubbies on the dock to store your shoes, towels, and other items. We will also hold onto your keys if you would like. We strongly suggest leaving all non-essential items and valuables at home. We are also not responsible for any valuables left in your car.  Safe to say, you won’t be needing that Rolex or diamond necklace one the water. If you would like to bring your phone or other small items on the water, we do have dry bags for rent!

Can I bring my dog?

Your pooch is more than welcome to accompany you on a single kayak, double kayak or pedal kayak! At this time we do not allow dogs on SUP’s. We ask that you keep your dog on a leash at all times and please clean up any messes!

Please note there is currently harmful algae in the Highland Lakes. Learn more here.

Do you have changing facilities?

We do not! That said, you can utilize our outhouse if need be. 

Do I need to bring a life jacket?

No need! We got you covered! We will provide life preservers and paddles! 

Can my child rent a paddle board without me being present?

Minors 8-15 years of age may paddle board only if a parent is on the water and will be next to the minor for the duration of the rental

 Minors 16 and older may paddle without a parent on the water with them, but are required to have their parent sign our rental waiver.

Can I launch my own SUP or kayak from APK?

You bet! We do have a daily drop fee of $10. If you are part of a rental group the daily drop is $5.

Is there an age limit for kids to go on the water?

As long as a parent is on the water with their child and feels comfortable taking them, we allow children of all ages. We do require children to wear life jackets and have sizes specifically for infants, youth, and children, in addition to adult life jackets. Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian on the water. Additional age restrictions apply for paddle board rentals (see below).

Do you offer personal storage for my kayak or SUP?

No. Unfortunatley we do not. 

Are there boats around?

Yes there are boats around but don’t let that worry you! APK is conveniently  tucked in the “no-wake” zone of the Hurst Creek Arm on Lake Travis, which offers plenty of calm water to explore and enjoy. We advise you kindly keep a safe distance of 50ft from any moving watercraft. 

Where can I explore?

The “no-wake” zone in the Hurst Creek Arm offers several miles of water to explore and enjoy! Stand up paddle boards and kayaks must remain inside the no-wake zone at all times unless otherwise noted. Trust us, you won’t have fun in the main channel where the water can get extremely choppy and difficult to maneuver.  Pedal Kayaks outside the “no-wake” zone must stay within 150ft of shoreline and avoid powerboats in the main channel at all times. See our map here!

Am I dreaming, or did I see a parrot flying around APK?

Don’t worry, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you! If you are lucky enough, you might just see Boo Boo, our free flying macaw around the APK property.