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Paddle Board

$20/PER HR

Enjoy the freedom of paddle boarding Lake Travis without the hassle of bringing your own board.

x 1 Hour(s)

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What is Paddle Boarding like on Lake Travis?

Fortunately APK is tucked in the “no-wake” zone of the Hurst Creek Arm on Lake Travis. As a result, there is plenty of calm water to explore.  Boats do come in and out of the arm at idle speed and you may experience some little waves from time to time. We also have windy days! If it is too windy we will not send out paddle boarders.      

Is Paddle Boarding challenging for beginners on Lake Travis?

The water inside the “no-wake” zone is nice and calm which will make getting comfortable on your board that much easier. You can always sit down or kneel on the board rather than stand if you need to take a break.

Windy Conditions – The wind is the most challenging factor present in the Hurst Creek Arm! If you are an inexperienced paddler (of any age) we will recommend a kayak if conditions are not ideal. Paddling into the wind is very physically demanding and we do not want anyone to be put in a situation they can not handle. 


Can kids rent a Paddle Board?

You bet! We have paddle boards that are suitable for kids as young as eight years old. However, if a child is under 16 they have to be accompanied by a parent when they’re out on the water.

Do I need to wear a life jacket while Paddle Boarding?

 State law requires that anyone under 13 years of age must wear a life jacket out on Lake Travis. If you are not a strong swimmer, we encourage paddlers to wear their life jackets at all times to be safe. All others must have a life jacket with them on board but aren’t required to wear the life jacket. You can bring your own life jacket with you or use one of ours at no extra charge.

Can I bring my dog on a Paddle Board?

At this time we do not allow dogs on SUP’s. Your pooch is more than welcome to accompany you on a single kayak, double kayak or pedal kayak! We ask that you keep your dog on a leash at all times and please clean up any messes!